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With so many different types of hair dyes on the marketplace, it is natural to be worried about the results of hair dye damage. You can buy products in a variety of various colours which are getting brighter and bolder. If you're dying your hair on a spending plan you need to be mindful that the 'inexpensive' item that you're purchasing is trusted and safe.

In this article I will look into a safe method for you to color your hair, together with some tips and tricks to make sure that your colour remains lively for longer.

1) Select your colour.

You need to guarantee that the colour that you choose is going to be suitable for your hair. If you do not like the colour then dying your hair again straight after could do some severe damage.

2) Preparation.

Get an old towel that you do not mind getting messy as the color will more than most likely get onto it eventually. It is also worth remembering to use an old Tee shirt as a precautionary procedure. Then follow these actions, always remember to use the gloves provided in package and rub Vaseline around your ears and hairline. Color will get here but it will merely rub out if the skin χαλκινο χρωμα μαλλιων pharm24 is lubed first.

3) Blending the dye.

Constantly follow the instructions. It might be simple adequate but you might miss something. Never ever blend the solution in advance either, this might cause the bottle to take off and lead to an extremely untidy floor.

4) Clip you hair into sections.

Clip you hair into small areas so that you can quickly apply the dye all over your head, without leaving strands of hair. In order to make sure you have actually covered it all it is useful to have somebody to assist you.

5) Applying the dye.

Constantly do a hair test before complete application. Allergies can cause unknown damage so make sure you do a test if it s brand you haven't used before. (Refer to package for more details on hair tests.) Use the color to the end of a section of hair in small blobs. The dye establishes quicker the more detailed it is to the scalp so you should always begin with the outdoors and work your way in. If your hair is in little sufficient sections, it ought to be easy adequate to ensure all hairs of hair are covered.

6) Follow your box guidelines.

All color development times and methods are different so constantly refer back to your box. In some dyes you might have to leave your hair exposed whereas with some others you may need to wrap tin foil or a plastic bag around your head. Never leave the dye on for longer than package suggest as this might result in serious hair dye damage and possible hair loss.

7) Cleaning it out.

After the time is up it is time to head to the bathroom to rinse the color. Stick your head under the shower and let your hair soak in water for a number of minutes. After doing this run the water through your hair till all of it runs clear. Condition you hair with the conditioner that is offered with the color. Keep in mind to leave conditioner on for at least 5 minutes to attain optimal shine.

8) Drying.

After you're done, always allow your hair to dry naturally. Blow drying on a high heat might lead to loss of shine. If there are still littles color on your skin that didn't wash off throughout the shower, rub out with a damp wipe. It will get rid of quickly due to the fact that of the Vaseline.

9) Stay out of the sun!

UV rays can cause hair dye to fade a lot faster than the box says. Stay out of the sun for a minimum of a day to ensure you get the most out of your hair dye.

10) Take care of your hair.

Always wash your hair again the next day after application. This will remove any excess dye that didn't come out in the first wash.

There are my 10 basic pointers into dying securely and efficiently. Keep in mind to follow these if you want to ensure you do not suffer the effects damage.

If you do feel that you have suffered the results of hair dye damage and that you followed guidelines as package said, you need to seek medical recommendations.